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Diánoia is a scholarly journal of Philosophy in Spanish. It appears twice a year, in May and November. Diánoia publishes articles, discussions, critical notes and book reviews that are the outcome of scholarly research, have not been previously published, and make an original contribution to up to date philosophical literature.


Articles and discussions must make a clearly identifiable contribution to current research on the topic or topics under consideration. Since Diánoia has the aim of furthering philosophical discussions of the highest quality, it encourages the submission of discussions on articles, discussions, and critical notes previously published in the journal. 


Critical notes must make an original contribution, which may consists in a critical assessment of a particular philosophical view or a novel comparison of two or more of them. Book reviews may be informative or critical of philosophy books written in any language. In the first case, the review must present clearly the content of the book; in the second case, the review must, in addition, comment the book’s content from a critical perspective.